Employer Groups

As an Employer group you bear the pressure of ensuring that employees needs with regards to Financial Wellness, Physical Wellness are met. This can be achieved by implementing a Pension/Provident fund and a Medical Aid Scheme for employees that can cater for this need. It is our goal to give you as much information and guidance as possible to choose the best suited scheme for your need as well as implement and train employees to benefit from the products.

If you would like to discuss your current company setup or find out if you are comprehensively covered  as an employer group contact us for a Free assessment. 

We believe in following a 5-pillar approch.

Pillar 1 – Analyze the market 
We have contracts with all leading service providers
•    We analyze the Industry, business needs as well as  employee wellness 
•    Identify possible risk areas, threats and shortfalls
•    We analyze current servicing against the needs of the business and its employees

Pillar 2 – Products 
•    We compare current products to your employee’s need
•    We also compare existing products against other comparable products that are available
•    We identify possible risks and shortfalls within existing products
•    We make suggestion and recommendations of potential products that might suit your need better.

Pillar 3 – Training
•    We have various quarterly training sessions with employees, as well as various social media training platforms. An informed employee will make better decisions.
•    We have mid-Year reviews with the employer
•    We offer Year End training to employees, where we assist them in changing their options. A Needs Analysis is performed annually to determine the Need of the employee and whether the plan choice will be beneficial.

Pillar 4 – Industry
•    We do a due diligence on every provider that we deal with on an annual basis. This enables us to see whether a provider is facing turmoil or whether they are on track and keeping up. This provides some peace of mind to you and your employees.
•    We keep you informed of all changes and updates in the Industry

Pillar 5 – Services 
•    Services are negotiated to suite the employer’s need. This includes handling of claims, billing statements, enquiries on accounts, etc.
•    Onsite visitation and enquiry resolution
•    Employee induction sessions – new employees 
•    Wellness days
•    Financial literacy training to employees (how to budget, what is savings, what is good debt and what is bad debt, etc.)