Individual Clients

As an individual client, you are confronted by various decisions from an early age. These desicions are impacted in different ways as a result of your current life stage and various other factors. One of the most commonly asked questions is "When should I start taking out insurance?" and "What types of insurance is available?"

The most common insurance you would require:
* Medical Aid
* Gap Cover
* Car Insurance
* Funeral cover
* Life cover (cover for death, income protection, disability, severe illness)
* Investments (tax free savings, Retirement Annuity)

From the above you can see that anyone over the age of 18 must subscribe to some of these above mentioned products.

The younger person would need more income from insurance products as a result of a disability and severe illness as a result of their income that might be effected over a longer period.

These benefits are locked within the life cover structure. 

We will perform a financial needs analysis to determine your risk and supply you with a quote and advice on how to structure specific products around your current need. This will ultimately determine how your plan is structured and the costing thereof.
All of the above products form part of your portfolio - long term planning.
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