About Us

Dave Pohl And Associates Consult is a sister company of Dave Pohl And Associates. The company was previously known as Liberated Wealth Consultants, a name change was done to align the company with the long term objectives and goals set out by the stakeholders.

The company is an Independent Brokerage and deals with various Financial Service Providers. This allows us to give independent advise and tailor a product to suite your need.

Our Mission is to provide accurate and fair advice to individual members as well as employer groups. This will be achieved by various training and information platforms that will be made available.

Our Vision is to be passionate about people and in the process create a new mind-set within clients that insurance products are not a grudge purchase but if understood properly will add enormous value.

The company holds the relevant Indemnity Insurance cover as required. The company appoints an Independent Compliance officer to ensure that the company complies to Legislative standards. We adhere to the Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF)  and the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

The company does not hold any shares in any Financial Service Provider and has no special sales agreements to sell products of a certain provider.